3 Key Types of Removalist Moving Estimates | Moving Costs Calculator

Moving a home or an office has always been a complicated task. One of the things that can help make things simpler is getting accurate estimates regarding the price as they can let you plan your budget for the move in a flawless manner.

So, if you wish to choose a removalist company in Sydney in the near future then you should know about different types of estimates and pick the ones you like best. Here we are helping you learn about 3 key types of moving estimates and their benefits as well as their side effects.


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Non-Binding Estimates

In these types of estimates, the mover will let you know about the estimated cost of the move only after evaluating your goods in person or over the phone. This estimate would be tentative and you will know about the actual cost of the move until everything is weighed on a moving day.


Why it’s not a good option?

This estimate is not considered a good option because many removal companies low ball the customers just to lure them and then charge a high price in the end.


Why it’s a good option?

These estimates are free of charge and can be offered on the phone itself.


Who should go for it?

People seeking easy and instant estimates, people who are moving with light shipments and those who are moving on a short notice should go for it.


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Binding estimates

In this estimate, the mover will access your goods and give you a binding estimate that would not change when the shipment is weighed.


Why it’s not a good option?

It’s not a good option because if your shipment is lighter than expectations, you will still have to pay the agreed price.


Why it’s a good option?

You won’t have to pay anything extra even if the weight of the shipment increases on a moving day. You will also know the exact amount of money needed for the moving. This way you won’t have to pay extra on a moving day.


Who should go for it?

People who wish to plan a budget and stick to it while moving.


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Binding not-to-exceed

In this estimate, the cost of a move won’t go above an estimated price but it may reduce if your shipment is lighter than estimated.


Why it’s not a good option?

There are really no side effects of this kind of estimates. You can go for it if your movers can offer it. Many people even choose a mover on the basis of the fact whether it provides these estimates or not and if you also do the same, you will be satisfied with your decision.


Why it’s a good option?

They offer you an amount flexibility that allows for movement and adjustment of the price on the lower side of the quote you received initially. You get peace of mind that the quote would never exceed a specified limit.


Who should go for it?

Every person who wants maximum cost savings during the move should go for it because it ensures that you pay the best possible price.



Now that you know about the three key types of moving estimates, you should ask your mover which types of estimates it can provide. You are very lucky if you can get binding not-to-exceed estimates as these are the best option for most people who are planning to move, looking for cost savings and plan their budget perfectly.

The second option is the binding estimates and non-binding estimates should be considered as a last option only.