Do you need to hire a removalist? The super easy flowchart

Do you need to hire a removalist? The super easy flowchart

We often get calls from people unsure if they need to hire a team of professional removalists and they often underestimate the cost associated with moving belongings in a safe and secure way. If you ever wondered “How much does a removalist cost?”, “Should I move my furniture myself?” or “Should I hire a mover off Gumtree?” well you are at the right place! 

We created this super simple flowchart to help you determine if you need to hire a pro or just go with a friend, and read on for more in-depth explanations!

Do you need to hire a Removal Team - Infographic - Andy the guy


Should I hire a removal team?

There’s no definite answer to this question because no job is the same. One thing for sure is that Andy the Guy with a Van will never overcharge a customer and leave them feeling scammed! We give the right quote for the right job and we don’t shy away from telling you the truth: Sometimes it’s cheaper for you to go with a friend or hire a truck yourself.


When should I hire a removal team?

You should definitely give us a call, or call your trusted local removalists, if:

  • You can’t or don’t have the time to pack/unpack or help move your belongings
  • You have more than a few items to move
  • Some of your belongings are extremely big or heavy (Piano, Pool table, etc…)
  • Some of your belongings are fragile or have value
  • Your building requires you to hire someone with a mover’s insurance
  • Your building access is quite complex (No elevators, narrow street access, no parking access, top floor apartment, etc…)
  • You want to make sure to have insurance in case an accident happen and some of your belongings get damaged

removalists in sydney loading furniture


When should I move things myself or ask a friend for help?

It happens that we sometimes advise people to simply rent their own truck, ask a friend or simply hire someone off Gumtree. The reason is because they often want to move a single item (A fridge or washing machine) with little value and the cost of our professional team is higher than that of the item. For that reason, we recommend you to look for other moving solutions alternatives if:

  • You’re only moving one item with little value, like a fridge, a washing machine, a couch, etc…
  • You’re young and fit and can help to carry your furniture 😉
  • You have a tight budget (Under $200)
  • You estimate less than 2 hours for the job
  • You can accept the risk of your item being damaged or destroyed in the process, with no insurance


What if I’m still unsure?

Only one way to find out what’s best for you: Call us at 02 8503 4455 or fill out any of our forms for a completely free quote with no obligation! 

Just ask and you shall receive (a quote 😉 ), our friendly team will answer all of your questions and give you an estimate that will suit your needs.