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Home Furniture Movers & Packers In Sydney


Not many packers and movers in Sydney can claim, like us, that they are an ideal choice for relocating your furniture. Andy The Guy With A Van provides top notch furniture removal service in Sydney. When it comes to the safest and fastest delivery, we have the most experienced and regularly trained men working for us who understand the best roads for their vehicles.

We know that moving your house furniture is a stressful affair so we provide an individual moving consultant who will help and assist you in throughout the moving process. We maintain quality and make sure that your relocation is stress free and hassle free by providing all essential services.

Low Prices

If you compare our rates with any other leading moving service in the city, you will realize that we are offering the services at the most affordable prices. That’s the reason we often boast that we are the most economic choice available in Sydney in the moving industry. We have a wide range of pricing options to suit both your needs and budget.

All you need to do is make a phone call to get a detailed quotation of our pricing and packages policy. Leave it to our friendly staff to understand your needs and decide which vehicle to use for moving your furniture. You will certainly be content with our service quality and prices.

The active operations department follows through and the task is finally executed by a secure, trusted, reliable and affordable team of experts who efficiently carry out the entire relocation process.

Experienced Removalists

Sit back and relax while our experienced team safely relocates your furniture, interior, electronic appliances and even kitchen appliances. We provide effective relocation services all over Sydney because we have the knowledge and experience required for it.

We provide appropriate training and suitable tools to our men so that your furniture and other costly possessions or the bulky ones are safely relocated to your desired destination. We take extra care of your household items, especially the fragile ones.


We provide absolutely free and a no obligation consultation to every homeowner who calls us. You can safely put confidence in us because we are the moving leader in Sydney for the expertise and knowledge in home removals. We will choose the perfect one for your needs from the variety of vehicles available in the market for relocation. So go ahead and test our services if you are planning to relocate.

Expert Team

It doesn’t matter whether your destination is close by or at a very long distance because we provide a range of solutions anywhere in the city. A team of professionals who are trained experts is ever ready to assist you with your relocation process.

With a wide range of vehicles along with committed and dedicated staff and a department of experts for planning, tracking and monitoring the entire process, we can provide all types of home furniture moving solutions.

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