Interstate Furniture Removals for Long Distance Moving


Since furniture items are delicate possessions that you must take care of while relocating or moving to a new place. Experienced and professional furniture removals take extra bit of care in handling and relocation process of your valuable items and belongings.

After a person calls for the services of removal companies, the first step is to prepare a list of all household and furnishing items for lowering the possibility of anything left behind, damaged or getting lost while transiting your goods to some other location.

We offer insurance for your belongings and household items while moving and relocating them so as to safeguard your valuable items. Since most of the removal companies have different patterns of handling and dealing with household items, it is generally seen that companies instruct their staff people to take out furniture items on a room-to-room basis.

Small items like wall adornments, paintings, mirrors, curtains and other articles are removed first before the big furniture items like sofas, chairs, center tables and other furniture pieces being carried out. Bedroom articles like foam mattresses and cushions are loaded on to the container vans after all the big furniture items have been placed.

The small items in drawers and cabinets are put in separate bags. Kitchen items are kept in separate bags or boxes. It is important to defrost the freezers and disconnect all refrigerator switches to prevent accidents. Our staff personnel put appropriate labels on the boxes so that unpacking should be made easier.

Toilet and bath accessories are kept in separate boxes and we also assist in unpacking these boxes and arranging them in order. We offer different types of cartons and boxes for keeping different items meant for kitchen, toilet and other use.

It becomes imperative to review the checklist and examine that all the boxes should be carefully loaded and stacked in the vans or trucks so as to ensure that none of the carton or bag should be left behind. By hiring pros like Andy The Guy With A Van, you can be rest assured that your possessions and valuables will be taken care of during relocation to another destination. You can go to our homepage for more information on the services offered.

We provide complete door-to-door services that include packing, loading, stacking, transporting, delivery and unpacking. You can contact us today to get the quotes for our services offered by clicking here.