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Top Quality Bondi Furniture Removals

Remember the days when moving entailed lifting, carrying or dragging heavy boxes with you when relocating? Well, not any more.

Long gone are those days when the stress and strain of moving hung around you like a gloomy cloud before, during and after the process.

Our services include(but are not limited to):

  • Doing the heavy lifting of and moving boxes both locally and interstate.
  • Home / office furniture removals – In this case we are careful and organised to ensure that none of your furniture gets mishandled or damaged while on the move.
  • Moving your business venture between offices – This may take time when doing it alone. But our experienced crew moves your business from one office to another efficiently and in as little time as possible to ensure you are back up and running in your new premises without experiencing any downtime.
  • Efficient delivery and pick up services in the eastern suburbs as well as Bondi as a whole.
  • Picking up any orders you may have organised through eBay, IKEA, Freedom, Fantastic Furniture, Gumtree and the array of other furniture shops and boutiques. Our services are cheaper than the delivery prices given by such stores.
  • No hidden costs

With our reliable moving solutions, you would be hard pressed to find better quality cheap removalists in Bondi. Having a strong crew and removal acumen, we are available to solve your moving problems free you from its hassle.

Consequently, to take advantage of our expertise and resources, call us and enjoy your moving process without the fatigue or the strain.

Andy and the guys have over 10 years experience as removalists in Bondi. We have a team of honest, friendly & strong guys ready for action and we have a fleet of vans and trucks moving around Bondi everyday. 

Simply fill in our easy booking form or call Andy on 0488 183 448 for a hassle-free quote and booking.