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Quality Kellyville Removalists At Affordable Rates

Shifting from one base to another is a very cumbersome and potentially-hazardous undertaking. This stems from the sheer bulk of the property involved as well as the potential damages that may be incurred while carrying out the various tasks and purposes such as loading, transportation, and off-loading.

That’s why the intervention of a competent, experienced, and highly-skilled moving company is by all means necessary. Our company, Andy the Guy with a Van, is one such organization.

In the discussions that follow, you will get to know briefly about our company background, as well as those factors that make us stand out as the preferred moving company of choice in Kellyville, in Western Sydney, Australia.

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About Our Company

Our company is located in Sydney, Australia area and was founded with the aim of providing the highest quality of property moving. We have been continuously operational for ten plus years.

We have accumulated plenty of work experience in the process, established a broad client base, and have also emerged as a trusted name in the field of moving. We pride ourselves in prioritizing excellent services to our customers.

What Makes Us Tick…

We stand out as the premier moving company in Sydney, Australia area owing to our provision of the following services and benefits:

Stress-Free Services

We do understand that the process of moving from one location to another location can be stressful, daunting, and tiresome. We, therefore, endeavor to provide stress-free services that are aimed at getting rid of these issues.

We also provide all kinds of moving and related services such as local removals, pre-packing, actual packing, office moving, interstate moving, packaging materials, and storage solutions. We also treat all our clients with the utmost respect they deserve.

Diverse Fleets

Our company possesses a diverse fleet of high end heavy commercial vehicles that are able to undertake just about every other moving task. They are also of diverse sizes, from the smallest to the largest. This means we are able to uniquely respond to each of our client’s transportation needs.

Competitive Rates

All the services we have on offer are provided for at competitive and affordable rates. Our pricing regime is pretty flexible. You may be charged hourly or lump sum, depending on your choice.

This means that by opting to have us move your property, you will be spared of unnecessary financial hardships as is the case with those who opt for our competitors.

Now that it is very clear that we have what it takes to move your property professionally and reliably, what are you waiting for? Call us now to request a free quote or schedule an appointment. We would love to hear from you!

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