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Moving from one location to another location in the northern beaches of Sydney may be a daunting affair. That’s because it is a very humongous task to undertake. This stems from the need to handle several items at a go. You are ordinarily required to pack, transport, and off-load too much cargo.

Most homeowners may usually be tempted to move alone in order to save some money in the process. However, this is strongly not advisable at all. Listed and explained below are some of the reasons why this is not recommended:

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Large Quantity of Items

In case you have too many items to transport, you may not be able to do a thorough job. As such, only the intervention of a qualified company may be of help.

Lack of External Support

Moving large amounts of belongings may often require external assistance. This may not be available in case you opt to go it alone. A moving company, on the other hand, has several employees who may offer this help perfectly well.

Existence of Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture may usually require special attention and a large workforce to effectively move. Both of these two vital ingredients may not be available in case you decide to embark on the task of moving singlehandedly.

Risks of Hurts and Injuries

Due to your lack of training and necessary muscle power, chances are high that you may hurt yourself or strain your back while handling the process. It is, therefore, better to leave the task to a suitable moving company.

Potential Damages to the Property in Transit

The transportation of belongings from one part of a country or state to another may require specialized vehicles. The ordinary home owner, unfortunately, may not have these vehicles. The likelihood that the belongings might be damaged while in transit is thus higher in case you opt to move personally.

Possibility of Inflicting Damages to the House

Professional movers are trained to handle the belongings pretty effectively. They are therefore less likely to damage the houses wherein the belonging are either removed or moved into. This is a stark contrast to the situation in which you opt to move your belonging yourself.


Plenty of time is needed to undertake a typical moving venture. In case you opt to move alone, you may be distracted from undertaking your other vital chores. This is why you are better off delegating this task to a competent moving company.

Impossible to Move Inter-state

Federal laws require all interstate moving to be carried out by registered moving companies only. This means you are simply unable to do so single-handedly. As such, only the intervention of a suitable moving company may be of help.

Huge Workload

Moments prior to and immediately after a moving session are generally characterized by a huge workload. These include preparation for a move, collection of the needed items and equipment, cleaning of the vacant premises, and settling down respectively. To save you time and effort, you may want to hire a firm to do these tasks for you.

The Absence of Elevators

In case your building premises (both the one you vacate and the one you intend to move into) lacks elevators, the entire process of moving may be complicated further. That’s why the intervention of a suitable moving company may be very necessary.

Consequently, you are strongly encouraged to invoke the intervention of only qualified, competent, and experienced moving company. In case you are based in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney, Australia area, look no further than Andy the Guy with a Van. We have been continuously operational for the last 10 years, during which time we have accumulated lots of work experience. We avail our services to both residential and commercial entities with an equal degree of dedication and expertise.

By opting to have our company move your belongings, you stand to derive much more than you actually pay for. You are also guaranteed of the necessary peace of mind, utmost safety, and unparalleled satisfaction. Moreover, all our services are offered at very reasonable rates. They are also accompanied by generous discounts throughout the year.

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