The Best Methods To Transport New Furniture

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Whenever you need to move to a new office or house, the biggest preoccupation is how to move your furniture. It is in this context that you must avoid having them scratched, damaged or broken in any form.

There are two methods by which you can move your furniture to different properties. Either you can hire the services from furniture removalists, that are experienced movers and packers that also offer storage or you can make the transportation yourself. If you hire such services, they will take care of all details related to moving your furniture from its starting point to its destination.

Now, once you choose to move the furniture on your own, there are a few materials that you need to use in order to ensure the integrity of your furniture. These include plastic wraps, furniture pads, and item labels.

Plastic wraps are used in order to wrap your furniture within it in order to create a protecting barrier around it. After you have cleaned you furniture, you wrap it within a few layers of plastic wrap which will protect it from bumps, scratches, and depending on the type of furniture, will protect it even against falls.

The best types of furniture to be transported within plastic wraps are wooden furniture, couches (after these have been vaccuumed and cleaned), and various pieces of glass furniture such as table and counter tops, chandeliers, mirrors and similar ones.

The furniture pads are very useful when it comes to resting your heavy furniture’s feet. These are easily self-glued to the bottom of the legs of couches, beds, chairs, counters and other wooden furniture that’s heavy and needs to avoid wear and tear as these are being dragged about.

The thing about moving heavy furniture is that you always end up relying on its legs to drag the furniture around. Depending on the ground you’re dragging a heavy piece of furniture, not only can you damage the floor (hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, even tile) as you drag it, but if you bump the furniture’s legs too hard on the ground you can crack the tips of the legs’ feet, damaging their aesthetics and design.

Even more experienced movers make use of furniture pads while they are moving furniture. Even if it’s something that’s temporary while the furniture is being moved, it is still very important. These pads are easily attachable and detachable.

They leave no sticky marks and are very strong to ensure that the furniture’s weight is cushioned evenly and without fail. You might also want to label your furniture in order to keep it protected. That is especially the case with moving glass, plates, mirrors, tabletops, chandeliers, glasses, or other types of boxes with things inside them that are fragile.

In all aspects, labels help warn the movers or yourself, just in case you forget, that what you are carrying or are about to carry is very fragile. It creates a better sense of perception as you move things. These are just a few of the things you should consider when moving your furniture.

These pointers have helped many home owners throughout the years that have resorted to moving their own furniture, and now you can too.

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