Most Difficult Items to Move To Your New Home

home furniture packing up

Moving is always tedious activity involving bending to pick boxes or carrying items to and fro. It becomes more strenuous and overwhelming when the time comes to move your bulky furniture and fragile artefacts. These are among the most difficult items to move. Highlighted below are five top-most difficult items to move to your new house in Sydney.

1. Bulky and awkward-shaped furniture.

Some households items are too heavy that even the slightest thought of moving them around the house hurts. When it comes to moving them away to a new house, a lot of time, special staff and equipments have to be used. For quality handling, one needs to seek the help of a reputable furniture removals company in Sydney such as Andy The Guy With A Van. We will avail experienced helpers who will have specialized tools which include strapped dollies. Such equipments are refrigerators and wooden cabinets.

2. Plants

Both indoor and outdoor plants might be picked for moving. However, handling a plant during the process is difficult. Among the difficulties is obtaining special documentations to facilitate their transfer. Also, the risk of dying is also inevitable due to the abrupt change in weather. However, removalists in Sydney can cater for this by pruning the plants which increases their survival chances through reduction of foliage. They will also pack them in special boxes lined with polythene and aerated for air supply.

3. Special set of equipments

It is prestigious to have a grand piano and/or gym equipments. Their presence is heavily felt by family members but moving them is always difficult. Due to the need of special handling and care during moving, it requires more than one of Andy’s guys to get it sorted. If there is any power cord, they should be unplugged to prevent tripping or electric shock. It takes more time just loading a single piano into a removals truck hence being among the most difficult items to move.

4. Fragile and delicate items

Owning extremely fragile glasswares is highly adored. Collecting glass-cast ornaments and brittle antics is a hobby among Sydney residents. However, when it comes to moving them, the thought of accidents and breakages is numbing and chilling. To save you the fears of handling your fragile items during moving, Andy and the guys are there to help you. They will have them wrapped in padded materials like bubble wraps.

5. Inbuilt items

Some inbuilt items like kitchen cabinets and bath tubs are very difficult to move. This is due to the technical procedures required in dislodging them from the floor or wall. Though manuals supporting their removal are always present, the experienced manpower and tools are expensive to buy and difficult to access. The expertise of Andy and his guys will sort the task out with great ease.

To reduce or eliminate the level of difficulty, you may seek our furniture removals services here in Sydney.