Complete Step-by-Step Moving Guide in Sydney

moving house tips

Moving houses in Sydney is a complicated task not only for new people but residents on their second or third moving round. The complication arises since not many are familiar with the systemic order of events to be followed. Highlighted below is a weekly-based complete step-by-step moving guide when moving in Sydney.

Five Weeks To Set Moving Day:

Contact a removalist company in Sydney that would handle your moving process. Discard any item that is no longer important to you. Nevertheless, remember to note down the list of precious items that are valuable and need special and personal transportation.

Remember to empty any air bottle and gas cylinder and dispose any flammable containers safely. Though many removalist companies come with their own packing boxes, you might need to bu more just in case there is any surplus item. Lastly, store all the moving receipts, quotes and documents in one folder for easy retrieval.

Three Weeks To Set Moving Day:

Make a follow up on the moving contract by contacting the authorities and removalist company and confirm to them your new address. If one was a regular library user, there is need to return borrowed books and materials.

For families with young children and pets, they can check on a family and friends on whom to request for a extended help in looking after them during the actual day. Many homes are disconnected from electricity, gas and Internet connectivity during moving out hence need to have the facilities reconnected.

One Week To Set Moving Day:

Have a list of essential necessities packed separately. They include bed linens and toiletries. Have a plan of the new house and fix the furnitures before giving the structures room-after-room layout to the contracted removalist supervisor in charge.

Have all indoor plants watered and packed in nylon-lined boxes. Cancel all deliveries including milk and newspaper. Lastly, inspect the house again to ensure its intact before checking in.

Two Days To Set Moving Day:

Few checks have to be done. Among them is confirming the contents in your “essentials” box. Confirm to the contacted removalist your new address and telephone numbers. If the new place is a rental, collect the keys from the agency or owner.

Day Before The Set Moving Day:

Have professional staff for packing your household at your home. Empty the contents of your refrigerator, clean then dry it before loading it to the van.

Moving Day:

Ensure a low traffic of visitors at both your old and new home for privacy and security purposes. Direct the removalist staff by offering them any information handy during unpacking and setting o your new home.

When everything is unpacked and arranged, run a check to ensure that everything is in place and when all is done, check your neighborhood and say Hi! to your new neighbors.

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