Moving Tips for Students

As a student who has to move, you may lack enough time for the entire moving process. For instance, your final exams may be around the corner, and you’re already stressed up. Here are some expert tips to observe, and they will assist you in coping with the stressful moving process.

Student moving comes with its share of unique challenges. For instance, if you want to move for summer holidays, then you will surely require a storage unit for your items.

It can be extremely stressful especially when you have to do many things all at once. Hence, you should be well prepared and organized. Here are some tips to assist you with your move as a student:




Use a Checklist for Your Move

Making a moving checklist can assist you in organizing your time better. It is crucial to avoid missing anything, especially when running against time.

Make a detailed checklist and describe everything that has to be done prior to, during, and after a move. Ensure you put timeframes for each and every task and follow the timeframes precisely.


Leave Unnecessary Belongings

You should avoid moving with items that you don’t need or you no longer use. You can simply sell such items or give them to a friend, rather than moving with them if they are no longer useful.

Chances are that if you do not really need such items now, then you will not need them later.

Also, if you may have some old books or clothes, you can donate them to charity. In the end, you will have saved time and do something great while reducing the load.


Get Some Assistance from Friends

Moving can be easier and faster if you would be assisted by your friends with packing. You can ask some close colleagues and friends if they can assist you.

Their assistance can turn your move into an enjoyable and pleasant teamwork. If you get more assistance, you will surely get better results.


Packing Supplies

Obtain the right packing supplies from your moving service provider. Most movers offer packing supplies at an extra cost, but get the right packing supplies.

Although it will cost you some extra money, you will have the right moving boxes and supplies. This will save you further troubles and time.

Ensure you take good care of your items. Most importantly, move them safely from your current location to the new one.


Pack Your Items Room by Room

You can save lots of time and eliminate any confusion if you pack your items room by room.

If you are packing everything on your own, then packing one room at a time will ease the entire job. You can start with the items you rarely use and finally pack the ones you use often.


Use an ABC System

After moving, you don’t have to unpack all items right away. It is a great idea to use an ABC system when labeling the moving boxes.

You can simply write an “A” on the moving boxes you will unpack as soon as you arrive at your new place, and a “C” on a moving box with items that can wait.

Such a simple system will also make the unpacking process faster upon moving into a new apartment.


Label the Moving Boxes Carefully

Labeling each and every moving box correctly is essential. Ensure you label the box with exactly what you put in it. If you have dozens of boxes that look pretty similar, then it can be really hard to know everything you put in them if you don’t label them.

You can use felt pens to label the boxes. You can label them with information like their contents, fragile, this side up, and the destination room. Making a master list can be a great idea to know items in each box.


Pack Well In Advance

You can easily avoid the stress and problems associated with moving if you start packing early. If you can, start packing at least two weeks before moving.

Always think of your moving plan again. Prior to packing, it would be great revising your plan with all the people involved in your move. This will assist you with packing and ensure that everything will be smooth.