Policies of Removalist Companies in Sydney NSW

Before selecting a removalist company, consumers may want to examine the policies in place at the company. Do they have policies and procedures in place for packing, loading the truck, transportation for both short and long distance moves and of course the unloading process?


removalist company loading items in a truck


Policies for Packing

If the removalist will pack your belongings, do they come to your home to prepare an assessment. Their estimate should be more accurate based on an onsite assessment which includes quantities, packing materials and ease of moving items out of the home.

If you receive an estimate over the phone, there could be issues with the quantities that need to be packed and the materials needed to ensure your items are packed properly. This could cause delays and even increase costs.

The in home evaluation should include a review of the packing process, methods and materials used and how long it will take to pack everything. How many people will be in your home? How do they handle fragile items, family heirlooms and antiques? Are there any truck access issues that need to be considered.


Truck Loading Procedures

If everything is packed properly and they take steps to protect your home from damage, this stage should go smoothly. Review their loading procedures and the precautions they will take to ensure it is done safely and without any damage to your existing home as well.

  • Do they have the right equipment for moving heavy items?
  • Do they follow standard safety procedures?
  • Weight balancing on trucks is an important consideration.
  • How do they prevent damage to walls and floors?
  • Do they use runners to protect floors?
  • How do they protect your home and possessions on rainy days?


Shipping your Belongings Safely

Do they use experienced drivers? On long distance trips, do they combine loads and what impact does this have on the schedule? Do they provide a shuttle service for your family?

They may also have to use a smaller truck on your street if it is too narrow for a large truck to navigate. This involves several loading and unloading steps for all of your items as they transfer your items from the smaller truck to a larger truck for long distance moves. If this service is needed, what are the additional costs for this service?


Unloading Day at your New Home

How is the unloading process handled? Do they leave all of the boxes in designated rooms? Will they hook up your appliances?

What about furniture assembly and setup? Do you need them to move the furniture around the rooms until they are in the right location? If the answer is no to some or all of these questions you may need to make arrangements for assistance or do it yourself.

Many of the answers to these questions will have an impact on the estimate the mover provides as well as the amount of work the homeowner needs to be ready to do themselves. If you’re on a tight budget, some services may be of less interest.

The details should be discussed and understood to avoid surprises, extra costs and to manage your own expectations. Many consumers will consider a move successful if their expectations are met, services are provided as planned, with no damage claims and on budget.

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