Types of Removalist Documents Required While Moving To Sydney

The moving process entails a lot of paperwork and as a prudent homeowner, it is important to fill all of them and keep a copy of the same in case you encounter any problems during or after moving.

Even though you’ve hires a professional mover, you need to have a copy of these documents so that your relocation can be a success. There have been cases of lost and damaged goods when moving while other homeowners complain of additional costs or withheld goods after delivery.


items packed and ready for relocation


To avoid encountering any of the problems, detail everything in writing and have your moving company representative sign as an agreement. Here are the documents you should have while moving:


Bill of lading

Bill of lading is a contract document you get from the carrier you’ve hired to transport your goods. The document is used as proof that the carrier has received goods from a consigner and (s) he should deliver them to an agreed location.

Therefore, the document is important because it shows that the carrier received the goods and is held responsible during the transit.


Moving insurance

When your household items are being moved, you need to have a moving insurance which is a short term insurance covering any damages or loss of your items.

It’s advisable to have a written agreement of the insurance coverage paid for to avoid future problems with the insurance company in case your goods are damaged or lost.


Household inventory list

This is a well-documented list of all your household items prior to moving. You should list all your items and their current condition for counter-checking upon delivery. Make a copy of the same and make sure that both of you (homeowner and the mover) have signed the inventory list as an agreement.

You may even list down the serial numbers of your electronics and other home appliances as a guarantee that they cannot be swapped. In most cases, homeowners are not ferried with their goods and hence, they will have to find their own means of transport.

When your household items are on transit for hours, days or even weeks and you are not around, you need to have a detailed inventory just in case.


Moving estimates and quotes

To avoid paying extra money after an agreed moving cost, you should have a copy and terms of the estimate. This will help you deal with any unexpected changes or additional costs during or after moving.

Contrary to a word of mouth, it is easy to get assistance from a lawyer or in court with a written and signed estimate.

Before relocating, you will need to have the following documents to avoid having problems after moving. You need to collect paperwork in regards to:

  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Bank account transfers
  • Auto insurance
  • Medical records
  • Veterinary records
  • Cancellation of utilities
  • Prescriptions
  • School records
  • If you are having an international move, get a passport and a visa
  • Closure or transfer of accounts or membership in your area


Then after moving, get paperwork entailing:

  • Activation of any accounts or memberships in the area
  • Activation of other services you need e.g. pool maintenance and lawn care services
  • Utilities activation

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