Removalist Tips For Students To Relocate With a Limited Budget

It is possible to find affordable storage for students as they relocate for summer holidays. There are many moving companies that offer a discount for students.

Such moving services are very popular across learning institutions in Australia, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

The most prestigious and famous universities are situated in Sydney, including the University of Sydney and UTS. Hence, this region experiences a lot of moving madness around February and July.




You can find a removalist company that offers nationwide services with an office in Sydney, and has discounts for student moving services.

If you hire professional removalists like Andy The Guy With A Van to relocate your dorm apartment or household items, you may coordinate with a schoolmate or a friend to reduce the overall moving costs.

If you get a storage company with discounts for students, you will also get a storage service at a reasonable rate. You can also find a moving company with offers on package deals that include discounts on packing supplies, moving boxes, and the costs of drop off and pickup.


How a Student Can Save On Moving Costs

If your budget is limited, you can opt to rent a truck and do the move yourself. However, as a student, it’s always great having some assistance and free advice to assist you in coordinating the moving process.

For instance, finding a friend who you can share your moving truck is a great way of cutting down the moving expenses and assist you with moving large items.

Ensure that you reserve a moving truck some few weeks before moving, especially if you plan to move towards end month.

Most student moves take around 2 to 4 hours to complete. The overall moving cost is usually the same if you use other rental trucks.

As a student, you can save yourself the trouble of finding an ideal rental truck, obtaining permits for parking and finding reliable assistance for loading and offloading by using a full-service mover.

Most student moving services are mostly booked towards the beginning of September, thus book in advance.


Share the Moving Expenses with Your Roommates

You may opt to share the costs of moving with your future or current roommates by moving at the same time. You don’t necessarily have to move into or out of the same location to save money on moving.

You can simply plan a single move but with multiple stops. This will save you time for moving and receive more student moving discounts from your student moving company.


Student Moving and Storage

You may also opt to move your belongings to a storage facility for some few months during summer holidays or when participating in an exchange program and have to move your belongings to a new area for some period of time.

You can consider moving into a self-storage unit with your roommates and friends, and move out of the storage unit at the same time for more student moving and storage discounts.

You can also go for overnight storage services from an ideal storage company at a reasonable fee.