Common Mistakes When Hiring A Moving Company

To choose the right moving company, avoid making the following mistakes:

Getting only one estimate

If you are looking to have a better deal, you need to get at least three estimates from different movers. Cost of moving is one of the factors that most homeowners consider when moving because they don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Getting several estimates will help you in comparison and decision making as you will have a range from several reputable companies to determine the best estimate.


couple hiring removalists over the phone


Hiring the moving company with the lowest estimate

Most people who end up with lost or damaged goods hire moving companies with extremely low estimates to save money. The low estimate may be a means of luring you into hiring their services only to get low quality services.

However, this does not mean that all moving companies which have high rates offer quality services! You need to compare different estimates while still considering other factors when choosing a moving company.


Not checking whether the moving company is registered

All reputable companies are registered and licensed by relevant authorities to offer moving services. You should never hire a moving company without checking if they are licensed or registered.

This will ensure that the moving company has annual audits, vehicle inspection and safety regulations. It is therefore an assurance that the company is reputable to offer moving services.


Not checking reviews and references from previous movers

Checking reviews and comments from other people who had hired the moving company can help you determine the quality of services the company offer. You can either visit the company’s website or get ask them to give you their latest customer reviews. You can as well contact the reviewers asking them about the moving company to understand more about the company.

You need to hire a professional company with experienced and skilled movers to get quality services and safety of your values items. Alternatively, you can ask for references from your friends or family members who recently moved.

However, don’t assume that you will be satisfied with the services of the mover because you may be having different needs with your friends. The reference helps you assess and determine whether the mover is fit to be hired or not by considering other factors e.g. experience and estimates.


Not getting an insurance cover

Avoid moving your household items without an insurance cover because anything can happen during the transit. Normally, default compensation offers 60 cents per pound of damaged or lost goods.

Therefore, you may end up having a heavy loss if your goods were lost or damaged during transit. Although you will have to pay more, get full value protection where the mover is held responsible for any damage or loss of your goods.


Failing to ask about extra costs

It is recommended to ask as many questions as possible to avoid having loopholes where you may end up paying extra cash. You may end up being charged if the movers help you pack, load or unload your items.

Also, if you run out of packing boxes or tape, you may be charged for using theirs! Make sure you ask questions and have an agreement to avoid paying more than you had budgeted.


Not reading the contract carefully

Never sign a document without reading or understanding what is written. Take your time to read through the contract before signing and upon arrival, don’t rush to sign the inventory list without counter-checking that all your household items are in good condition.

You can ask any questions before signing the document and if you are not convinced, you can seek professional help e.g. from a lawyer.

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