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Inner West Furniture Removals Sydney

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time for all involved so why not put your feet up, relax and hand the reigns over to someone else so you can enjoy your life and look forward to a fresh start. Based in Sydney NSW, we are efficient and reliable when it comes to furniture removals.

As a company we aim to cover removals in Sydney’s Inner West region to enable all in the area the chance to have our workers make their move more relaxing. Whether you are moving from a small property with minimal furniture or a large property with a stockpile of property; we can handle it all!

We aim to handle it all and our company is incredibly skilled in moving a variety of items; from the delicate glassware you may have to the bulky heavy set furniture – everything you own will be handled with the utmost care by our team.


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What we are able to offer you:

Pre-packing: Our trained teams are swift yet careful when it comes to packing your property and pack with the safest and most efficient methods known.

Unpacking after the move is complete; if you are unable to face the mammoth task of unpacking why not let us help you?

Storage: we are able to help arrange storage in Sydney to help you if you are not moving into your new home straight away. We know which prices are most appropriate to cater for your needs.

The provision of removal boxes and all necessary materials required. Our boxes are designed to protect any items placed in them for moving and we offer a range of sizes to suit a variety of budgets – just ask us!


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Efficient workers with a careful touch at a value price

For several years our customers have had the chance to benefit from our approach as service oriented furniture removal specialists in the Northern Beaches and you can benefit too! We understand and respect the fact that time is money and money isn’t easy to acquire so our teams will work with you to help you. They have the ability to have your prized possessions packed safely and moved quickly and efficiently to your new home.

We work on an hourly rate as we believe it gives you more of a flexibility to do as much or as little as you want to do when it comes to your move. Some people may be afraid of the concept of hourly rates due to previous mishaps with other companies, however we use it to our advantage to prove to you that our efficiency and helpful team are worth saving the BIG Bucks and work in partnership with us.

Your joy of a job well done is vital for us so we strive to hit a 100% satisfaction mark in every respect possible. We are incredibly proud to keep all our customers as regulars with the chance to gain more business through word of mouth.