Finding Removalists in Sydney with Good Customer Service

There are many considerations that factor into finding a removalist in Sydney. These including making sure that the removalist is licensed and insured, and that the mover handles the type of move you will be doing. It is also very important to find a mover who has great customer service.


Removalists with good reviews


Although it might seem difficult to know whether a mover treats its customers well until you start working with that mover, it is not. By clarifying the expectations with the movers before you commit, you will be able to better understand their policies and know whether the movers places their focus on giving the customer the best experience possible.

By asking about the following, you will be better able to discern whether the removalists have good customer service, and whether they are right for you.



Before anything else, it is important to get an estimate on the cost of the move from the mover. This should not occur before the mover sees the belongings that will be moved. These estimates should only be given after the mover visits your home and sees the belongings in person.

Otherwise, the estimate that is given will most likely be inaccurate, and the price you pay could end up being much higher than the estimate you agreed to. A mover that visits your home will also be able to explain any additional fees, such as having to carry your objects down the stairs or there not being adequate parking, that are relevant to your own situation.

If a removalist you are considering hiring is not willing to come and inspect the objects to be moved, you should probably look into finding another mover.



After getting the estimate, it is important to discuss with a potential mover what their procedures are during an actual move. These include asking how they will keep your things safe during the move and how they will protect the floors and walls of your home while they move things in or out.

It is also important to know how the company’s claims process is, in case anything is damaged. It is strongly advised that you look over all of your objects after a move, in case any have been damaged and, if any are, to file a claim.

Before agreeing to a mover, you should ask them what their claims process is, because you do not want a mover who is not transparent about their claims process or who does not have fair compensation.




If you find a removals company that you are interested in, make sure they provide you with the required documents.

Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading is your contract with the movers, and determines the terms and agreements of the move. Before you sign this, you should read through it, making sure you understand what it is saying.

Inventory List

The inventory list documents all of the items being moved and describes their condition, allowing you to know if any of your items is missing or broken after the move.

By following these steps, you can determine whether a mover has good customer service, allowing you to find the right removalists for you.