The Pros and Cons of Hiring Students Removalists

It is possible to hire student removalists instead of a professional removals company to help you when relocating. Before making that decision, you need to know the pros and cons associated with student movers. Here are the pros:


student movers smiling




With little or no skills, most student mover organizations offer moving services at a lower cost to get more clients. You may end up spending much less during the entire moving process while still benefiting with a wide range of services as agreed.

However, sometimes cheap is expensive. You may save a few dollars but end up losing more money due to loses or damages as a result of inexperience.



Most university students are energetic and they can be able to lift heavier objects easily. This may save you time and hassle of looking for stronger men at an additional cost while packing, loading and unloading your goods.



Universities are all over and most probably you know several students whom you can trust to help you when relocating at an agreed cost.

Since you now these students personally, you will be at ease and have peace of mind knowing that your goods are safe unlike hiring a total stranger.



Student movers who have been involved in packing and moving household goods for about two years are experienced in moving services.

These students therefore know what is expected of them and how to offer good services to attract more customers and remain reputable. It is therefore possible to get quality services from student removalists at an affordable cost.


student removalists moving a house in Sydney




Although most students who have been in moving business would argue that they are experienced, most homeowners prefer having their goods handled by older individuals who are more careful and responsible.

In addition, since it is their area of specialty, hired movers deliver quality services to get good reviews and comments to attract and convince potential clients.



Although they may try to be professional, most homeowners do not trust students to handle their most prized items e.g. jewellery.

Sometimes, they may steal these prized assets to compensate for the low estimates they are offering according to some homeowners. Hence, some people prefer hiring old individuals to help them.


Not local

Colleges admit students from different places making it hard for student movers to be from within the locality. This disadvantages them because most people prefer hiring local movers for easy follow up and settling of disputes in case they occur.

In addition, most of these students are neither insured, licensed nor registered to offer moving services. Therefore, most homeowners do not prefer hiring them because they may not be able to claim loss or damage of their valued goods.

In case they are injured during moving, you would be held liable and end up paying a lot of money as a means of compensation.

It is evident that student moving companies have a lot of benefits but on the other hand they have their cons. Hence, just like any professional moving company, student moving companies should be researched thoroughly before hiring.

Make sure that they do not have any pending complains, fraud or scam report. If they have a website or social media account, read comments and reviews from previous clients to see the kind of services they offer.