Differences between Phone and In-House Estimates

Anyone who is planning to move usually comes to know about three types of moving estimates: binding, not binding and binding not to exceed. But many people don’t understand whether they should take the estimate over the phone or should call the removalist company to their property.

If you are also confused about which option is better than the other then the following details might help you to take the right decision.


getting moving estimates over the phone


How do phone estimates work?

Phone estimates are quite common but it’s not a preferred method of getting an estimate. As the name suggests, in this estimate the moving company would get the details of the shipment over the phone and give you a quote.

This method is not very reliable as many times the companies fail to grasp the exact amount of goods and charge extra to the customer when the move is done.

A customer often has no choice but to pay the amount that’s been asked. So, unless you are in a hurry or can’t opt for in-house estimates for a big reason, you should not opt for these sorts of estimates.


Why are phone estimates a good choice?

Phone estimates are best suited for people and scenarios mentioned below:

They are a perfect option for you if you don’t have time to be at your home when the moving company representative visits your home.

In a case where you are moving on a short notice and need a quick solution then too these estimates are a good option.

If your move is relatively small and you don’t have to shift many goods (for instance, you live in a one room apartment) then this option is an awesome choice.


inhouse sydney relocation estimates


How do in-house estimates work?

In-house estimates as the name suggests are estimates that are offered by visiting your property and mapping the amount and weight of the goods to be moved. This option is trusted by most of the people who plan to move as the figure charged for the move usually remains the same.


Why are in-house estimates a good choice?

The key benefits of this type of estimate are listed below:

You will be paying the quote that was named initially and you won’t need to pay any extra money later on. This will help you plan your moving budget more precisely.

You will meet the movers in person which will help you to judge their competence and professionalism. Meeting them personally will also give you an idea on how to make the move smoother like will they need you to be there or you can trust them to handle things on their own.

In our opinion, in-house estimates are a better option as they are most accurate, precise and let you know how to plan things on a moving day. You may also get some tips on organizing the move beforehand if you talk to the experts at your home that might help in making things stress-free on moving day.