All You Need to Know About Not-to-Exceed Estimates

Planning a move in advance can be a bit of a headache if you have never done so before. It is also a costly affair if you plan to hire removalists. A sure shot way to avoid surprising costs, later on, is to ensure that you seek the most cost effective options and stick to them.

One of the rare things that would make your move more cost effective is to go for not to exceed estimates while hiring a moving company. As per this estimate, a moving company will come to your place and estimate the cost of moving your stuff.


Not-to-Exceed Estimates


Then it will tell you a figure that cannot be exceeded no matter how much the actual weight or the shipment is. The cost of moving can be lowered if the number of items to be shipped reduces which is the biggest benefit to a customer.


Let’s take an example:

Assume that a mover came to your home and estimated that the cost of moving all the stuff is 1500 dollars but on the day of moving, the number and weight of items increase because you changed your mind about some stuff.

In such a case, if the mover is bound by not to exceed estimates, the cost of the move would not be increased and you will pay 1500 dollars only which would offer you more value for money.

In contrast, if the number and weight of items to be moved decreases, you will get some discount on the estimated price and may have to pay just 1300 dollars. This example proves that not to exceed estimates are customer-friendly not mover friendly.


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Key Provisions of Binding Not to Exceed Estimates

It is quite obvious that when forming a binding not to exceed estimates, the quote must be provided to the customer in the beginning and it should be attached to the bill of lading.

It is also expected that the shipment must be expressed in great detail and clearly outlined. It should also state that the final price of the move shall not exceed the amount that was quoted in the first assessment of the goods.


Pros and Cons of Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimates

This is the best choice of estimates a person planning to move can get. So when you are given multiple estimate options of estimates, you must find a mover that provides this type of estimate. Though there are no cons of this estimate for a customer, the only challenge is to find a good company that provides this estimate.

The pros of these estimates include flexibility for movement, price on the lower side of the quote and the peace of mind you get from knowing that the estimate will not exceed a said limit.

You will also feel happy to know that if the move items are reduced, you will get a discount. We recommend all the readers go for this type of estimate as its far better option than binding or non-binding estimates.